The Sound System

Sound matters! DJ Nate's sound system is awesome with clean highs and deep lows. The full system includes a total of 5,200 watts of power!
(And if more is needed, we've got more.)
Industry leaders Pioneer, Shure, Mackie, ande PreSonus are all part of DJ Nate's kit.

This is some of the equipment that he has readily available. He has the perfect setup for small house parties to events of 1,000+.

2x Mackie Thump 15" 1000W Speakers

2x Mackie Thump 12" 1000W Speakers

mackie-thump15 x2
mackie-thump15 x2

Powered Loudspeakers with 15" and 12" Low-frequency Drivers & 1.4" Titanium  Dome Compression Driver

These speakers produce clean highs and have the ability to also produce chest-thumping lows when it's dance time.

Professional quality sound with 4000 watts of power to fill a large hall or open space.

The quality of the sound system DOES make a difference. Mackie produces high end sound equipment that delivers the music crisp, clean and powerful.

Soundcraft Signature 12 Mixing Console


Professional sound mixer with up to 12 channels for mics and inputs.

  • Low noise professional mixer.
  • Faders and high, mid, low EQ adjustments.
  • Wide dynamic range.

Behringer XM6500 Dynamic Microphones


Ultra-wide frequency for brilliant sound.

  • Smooth mid frequency for excellent voice projection
  • Minimizes background noise.
  • Minimal handling noise.

PreSonus Air 18S 1200W 18" Subwoofer

presonus sub

(Optional) 1200W Subwoofer with 18" LF Driver and Lowpass Filter

Why would you want this subwoofer at your event?

  1. It will carry the low bass across the dance floor to the back of the room. This is especially important for large and open spaces.
  2. Don't just hear the music, FEEL IT! When it's dance time and you can feel the bass in your stomach, it's time to party.
  3. The perfect addition of BASS power without being overbearing.

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel Controller


Professional DJ controller with filters, effects, and 4 channels. 

  • Professional equipment from a leader in DJ equipment.
  • Beat matching and scratch friendly.
  • Reliability.

Shure PGXD Wireless Mic & Windscreen


Professional, clean sound, reliable.

  • These microphones are expensive and high quality.
  • Don't risk your wedding or event on cheap microphones.
  • Be heard loud and clear.
bhringer xenyx 1002b

Behringer Xenyx 1002B

• Premium ultra-low-noise mixer.
• XENYX  mic pre-amps.
• 130 dB of dynamic range.


Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4

• Professional quality controller.
• Compact design.
• Excellent for mixing and FX.